Once a captain of a merchant vessel, Ustad Azizul Islam took to playing flute from his childhood. Born in Rajbari in 1945 where his father worked at the time, Ustad Azizul Islam actually hails from Brahmanbaria, the very district that is also the birthplace of the late Sur Samrat Ustad Alauddin Khan.

Ustad Azizul Islam had his first ‘talim’ or lessons briefly from late Priyada Ranjan Sengupata of Arya Sangeet Samity, Chittagong, followed by teaching from vocalist Ustad Vilayat Ali Khan, who used to reside at Chittagong.

While leading a hazardous life of a sailor, at times he faced some obstacles to fulfil his dream as an artist. His life as a sailor put a barrier on him to remain under the guidance of any Ustad but the creative urge inside helped him a lot to emerge as a master and to practice fervently. His life on the sea, on the other hand, provided him enough seclusion and time to sharpen his skill at flute playing.

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